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♔ The History

The history of the castle ” chateau d’Arcine”  began in the early days of the 11th century when it was still known as ” the Château de Rumilly-sous-Cornillon” because of it’s location next to Saint-Pierre de Rumilly and the fact that it is underneath the castle of Cornillon. Situated high above town , Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny, the castle offered protection to the valley of Borne.

The castle was the headquarters of a seigneury that was covering around 20 square kilometers. The tower, which is the oldest part of the castle ( was built in the 11th century), was expanded by the Genevans Earls during the 13th century.


french chateau for sale, castle for sale in france, french castle for sale, medieval castle for sale, medieval chateau, medieval castle, castles for sale, french chateau, french medieval castleIn 1210, it was part of Beatrice of Geneva’s dowry when she got married to Earl of Savoie Thomas the 1st.

In 1306, Count Amedee the 2nd of Geneva gives it to his two sons, Hugues and Amedee.

In 1395, Peter of Geneva gives it to his wife Marguerite of Joinville who sells it in 1411 to the duke Amedee the 8th of Savoie.

Then the castle belongs to different owners until 1530, when Pierre de la Forest buys it from Philippe of Savoie who used to be his page. It, then, passes from father to son within the family.

In 1733, the castle belongs to Victor Amédée of La Forest. He sells it to the General Muffat of Saint-Amour, who takes on the title of Earl of Rumilly. One of his descendant, Jean-François Muffat of Saint-Amour, sells it in 1807 to the Marquis of Planchamps of Cluses. His heir, Eugénie-Françoise gives it to Jean-François Collomb d’Arcine who gave it in 1881 to his nephew the Viscount Rivérieulx de Chambost.

Cyrille d’Ennemond d’Aurémont de Coiffy de Fresnes, born in Russia in 1851, buys it in 1909 and the castle becomes a pension for wealthy russians until 1948.

The current owners are an american familly that have owned the property since 1981.


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