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Earn $ 5000 : Refer a Motivated Buyer

Do you know anyone who wants to buy a beautiful medieval castle in France ? Do you think you can help us find a motivated buyer for this castle ? Please feel free to join as an affiliate or referrer partner and earn a very generous commission upon the sale of the castle.

How does it work

  • Fill up the registration form underneath.
  • Fill up and sign the contract that will be sent to you by email.
  • Find a buyer for the castle.
  • Fill up the “Client Referred” part in the Referral Contract Form to refer the buyer and send it to us. Or fill up the form on the referral page of our site :
  • If you haven’t filled up the “Client Referred” part, at the point of sale, when we ask a buyer how they heard about us, your referral just needs to mention your name.
  • If you put one of our banner in your website, our software will record the IP address of the person who clicks on the banner. We will then know if the buyer comes from your website.

Once the sale is completed, we will pay you a commission of $ 5,000,00 (five thousand dollars) by bank transfer.


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Terms and use :

– The property involved is referred to as  :  Château d’ Arcine, 74800 Saint Pierre En Faucigny, France

– The Referrer will not participate in or conduct any negotiations with the prospective client.

–  The referrer is not allowed to spam.

– This agreement does not establish any relationship of partnership, joint venture, employment, franchise, or agency between the referrer  and the agent.

– If you are found in violation of this agreement, your participation may be terminated and you will be legally responsible for your actions.

– You are of legal age and capable of forming a legally binding contract.

– A referral flat fee of $ 5,000,00 (five thousand dollars) will be paid by the agent to the referrer if the client referred buys the property.

The fee is payable within one (1) month after the commission is paid to the agent and by bank transfer.

– The referrer may or may not use our banners in its web site (adult, hate, or other related sites are not allowed ).